City Centre Updated Travel Advice

Several new measures have been put in place to ensure safe travel to and from the city centre. Please refer to this guide when making your next trip.

Active Travel

Visitors are encouraged to travel by walking, cycling or other modes of active travel.  As well as reducing risk, this option reduces carbon omissions and counts towards your recommended daily exercise.

To aid active travel, several new pedestrianised areas have been put in place, as well as footpath widening to help people adhere to social distancing guidelines.


Key changes:

  • Pinstone Street will be closed to all traffic bar pedestrians and cyclists
  • Division Street will be partly pedestrianised 
  • Leopold Street will be closed to traffic from 10 am to 6 pm (except for servicing business premises)
  • Surrey Street will also be closed from 10 am to 6 pm
  • Key workers will no longer be able to park for free in council car parks

Full details of road closures

Public transport

The use of public transport is discouraged, but if travelling via public transport, please be aware that face coverings are now compulsory. Both face masks and handmade face coverings (using a scarf or bandana etc) are permitted.

Bus stops now feature floor markings to help passengers adhere to social distancing guidelines whilst queuing. 

More information on public transport