City centre beer & ale trails

Sheffield’s reputation for beer has grown to almost the same heights as its reputation for steel. The city is home to over 20 breweries, and a 2016 report found 400 beers on sale in its many characterful pubs on any typical day. Naturally, then, the city centre is a great destination for enthusiasts of real ale and craft beer.

This guide will help you discover the beer world’s best kept secret, taking you to some of Sheffield city centre’s pub and bar highlights. There’s a trail to suit everyone from cask ale enthusiasts and craft beer revolutionaries to night owls, sports fanatics, and those who favour a bit of tradition. Cheers!

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Cask Ale Trail

High quality cask ales aren’t hard to come by in Sheffield.

From a whole world of ales on the pumps at the railway station’s Sheffield Tap to local heroes on the bar at Rutland Arms to the nationally trusted selection at Wetherspoon’s pubs, this trail will have you raising a glass to the delights of cask in no time. Check out ...

  • Bankers Draft, The - 1-3 Market Place
  • Benjamin Huntsman, The  - 12-18 Cambridge Street
  • Bessemer, The - Fountain Precinct, 58 Leopold Street
  • Frog and Parrot, The - 94 Division Street
  • Head of Steam, The - 103-107 Norfolk Street
  • Museum, The - 25 Orchard Square
  • Red Deer, The - 18 Pitt Street
  • Rutland Arms, The - 86 Brown Street
  • Sheffield Tap, The - Platform 1B, Sheffield Station, Sheaf Street
  • Sheffield Waterworks Company, The - 2-12 Division Street
  • Yates - 2-6 Cambridge Street

Craft Crawl

Join the craft beer revolution.

Taps, bottles and cans now bring all manner of imaginative flavours to thirsty beer fans. Follow this route to sample something out of the ordinary, starting at Triple Point, which brews and serves its own beers on site, and heading through the independent Devonshire Quarter.

  • All Bar One - 13-15 Leopold Street
  • Brew Dog - 108 Devonshire Street
  • Bungalows and Bears - 50 Division Street
  • Forum Bar, The - 129 Devonshire Street
  • Industry Tap, 85 Sidney Street
  • Old House, The - 113-117 Devonshire Street
  • Triple Point Brewing - 178 Shoreham Street

Sport-lovers’ Spots

It goes without saying that live sport is more fun when you’re part of a crowd.

Next time you’re looking to enjoy a big match in Sheffield, head down to one of these sports-fanatic pubs or bars – including student hangouts like the Graduate and the Cav, and a few places where you can shoot pool with pals, including the huge Common Room.

  • Beehive, The - 240 West Street
  • Cavendish, The - 220-238 West Street
  • Common Room, The - 127-129 Devonshire Street
  • Graduate, The - Surrey Street
  • Roebuck Tavern, The - 72 Charles Street
  • Walkabout - Carver Street

The Traditional Route

Some Sheffield institutions have been priding themselves on pulling a good, no-nonsense pint for decades, if not centuries.

This route through the city centre will take you to a handful of the more traditional boozers, starting at a Sam Smith’s, taking in a couple of Irish boozers on Trippet Lane, and ending in the cosy Bath Hotel.

  • Bath Hotel, The - 66-68 Victoria Street
  • Brown Bear, The - 109 Norfolk Street
  • Dog and Partridge, The - 56 Trippet Lane
  • Fagan's - 69 Broad Lane
  • Grapes, The  - 80 Trippet Lane
  • Three Tuns, The - 39 Silver Street Head

Late Night Pints

You don’t need to worry about the last orders bell ringing at 11 o’clock in Sheffield.

See below for some of the places where you can enjoy a pint after midnight every day of the week in the city centre — some of them open even longer into the early hours at the weekend.

  • Bar and Beyond - 173-179 West Street
  • Gatesby Bar, The - 73-75 Division Street
  • Original Bierkeller, The - 104 West Street
  • Washington, The - 79 Fitzwilliam Street