Staying safe as salons, nail bars, tattoo studios reopen

woman receiving nail treatment in a luxurious salon whilst receptionist types
Flash Express Beauty Salon, Carver Street

With changes to government guidelines, the beauty industry is re-emerging after over three months of lockdown, with certain exclusions and rigorous safety measures in place.

So before booking your next massage or manicure, read over our guide to staying safe when beauty salons, nail bars, tattoo and massage studios reopen from Monday 13th July.

What treatments can I get?

Treatments on the body are permitted, these include manicures and pedicures, arm, leg and bikini waxing, simple beard trims.

As the face is a high-risk zone, treatments on the face are not yet allowed. These include face waxing/threading, eyebrow and eyelash treatment (i.e extensions, microblading, tinting), facials (including dermaplanning)

How will I stay safe?

Businesses will be taking special steps to ensure customer safety. These include:

  • Using screens or barriers to separate clients and practitioners
  • Operating an appointment-only booking system 
  • Keeping the activity time involved to a minimum
  • Regularly cleaning equipment, surfaces and hands.
  • Avoiding skin to skin contact and wearing gloves where possible
  • Spacing out customer waiting areas
  • Staff rotation systems

Visit the government website for more details.