Emergency Bleed Control Kits

Emergency Bleed Control Kits 🩸

📖 Article updated 11 June 2024

Working with South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit, Sheffield City Council and South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (SYMCA), Sheffield BID is aiming to install 12 emergency bleed control cabinets at locations across the city centre.

The first six units were installed at the end of March 2023. Three more units were installed in early May 2023. The locations of the nine Emergency Bleed Control Kits are shown on this Google Map.  

Available for use 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the emergency bleed control cabinets are accessed via a code provided by the emergency services. The cabinets are designed to help a user prevent a potentially catastrophic bleed while emergency services make their way to the scene. Each cabinet contains a bleed kit with instructions on how to use the contents.

In an emergency call 999 immediately and the operator will help you to to find and access your nearest emergency bleed control cabinet should there be a need to use a kit.

Emergency Bleed Control Cabinets are located at the following locations. 

Barker's Pool | Google Maps 🩸
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Boots | Google Maps 🩸
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Carver Lane Car Park | Google Maps 🩸
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Frog and Parrott | Google Maps 🩸
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Moorfoot | Google Maps 🩸
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Q-Park Sheffield Station | Google Maps 🩸
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Arundel Gate Interchange | Google Maps 🩸
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South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority | Google Maps 🩸
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West Street Live | Google Maps 🩸
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About Emergency Bleed Control Kits

The bleed kits were developed by West Midlands Ambulance Service, leading consultants from the Trauma Network and the Daniel Baird Foundation to provide a kit of medical equipment that can be easily used by the public, but can also control a catastrophic bleed.

The kits are widely used across the country and have been used on several occasions to save a patients life.