We're proud to support the #standupforcask campaign along with the many other independent breweries in the UK. With over 87 million pints poured down the drain over multiple lockdowns, it's now time to support and say thanks to the people who supply our pubs with amazing beer 🍻

Feeling more comfortable in the cool, grey, definitely going to rain type weather today. It was nice pretending we were in California for a few days through. Back to filter brews and got chocolates. Open til 4pm as per (un)usual. 💛

It’s hot 👉 iced coffee 🧊 Iced latte made with Colombian espresso, a smidge of sugar syrup, & shaken to perfection 🧊 Iced filter made with our rotating guest filter coffees, today we’ve got a Guatemala from kissthehippo tasting like ... 📸 https://t.co/olkTcRpIdk

It's easy to see why this is one of Cubana's most popular dishes. Their chorizo is imported directly from Spain and has a hint of smokiness - if you've tried it, you know exactly what we mean. 🤤