Sheffield Connect ⚑

Sheffield Connect is the city centre's dedicated electric bus service providing free travel for everyone to make it easier to get around the city centre.

There are two Sheffield Connect services. Sheffield Connect 1 (SC1) and Sheffield Connect 2 (SC2).

SC1 runs every 10Β minutes, seven days a week.

SC1 stops at 🚏 Sheffield Interchange B1 🚏 Fitzalan Square 🚏 High Street 🚏 City Hall / Leopold Square 🚏 Pinfold Street 🚏 West Street 🚏 Carver Street 🚏 Rockingham Street 🚏 Moor Market 🚏 Moorhead 🚏 Furnival Street 🚏 Paternoster Row.

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SC2Β runs every 20 minutes, seven days a week.

SC2 stops at 🚏 Sheffield Interchange 🚏 Paternoster Row 🚏 Furnival Street 🚏 Moorhead 🚏 Moor Market 🚏 Moorhead / Eyre Street 🚏 Charles Street 🚏 Arundel Gate 🚏 Angel Street 🚏 Millsands 🚏 Haymarket 🚏 Flat Street.

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For further information on Sheffield Connect, including full timetable information, visit this page on the Travel South Yorkshire website.