Sheffield Christmas Trail 2019

Sheffield's own loveable Brearley Bear is back for another adventure! Organised by Sheffield Business Improvement District, Brearley Bear and the Reindeer Round-up takes place between Saturday 23rd November and Tuesday 24th December.

Santa's big day is almost here but all of his eight reindeers - Burny, Abbey, Wadsley, Neepsy, Wharny, Heeley, Arby and of course Rudoplh - have broken free! Santa has called on his best friend Brearley Bear to help round them up. Could you lend a hand?

Track down the reindeer by picking up a Red Nose Locator Guide from Brearley's Christmas HQ (next to the Winter Garden on Surrey Street) and follow the clues. Every child completing the trail and returning their completed guide will recieve a free Christmas treat!

Full details can be viewed at the Sheffield Christmas Trail website, including lots of handy travel tips and savings alongside fantastic food & drinks offers for the family.