Facebook post by Bamboo Door - Tiki Cocktail Bar - Sheffield

🍹TIKI MUG AMNESTY 🍹 Listen, we get it. Our tiki mugs are cool as f**k and you want to take them home. However, as thrilling and fun as it is, we do not condone tiki mug theft. It hurts our feelings and I promise we take the best care of them (we know it’s collecting dust in the back of your cupboard you little thrill seekers). SO, let’s make a deal. For every tiki mug you return to our humble hut, we will reward you. Yes, that’s right, we are negotiating. Until August 20th, when you return a tiki mug to us, you will win one of a number of rewards (think wheel of fortune style). No questions asked. No judgement. (or as little judgement as we can manage, we are only human and we are protective of our mugs) Pls bring our mugs home xo