Facebook post by Bamboo Door - Tiki Cocktail Bar - Sheffield

🧇 Rickety Split 🧇 Next up on our introduction to our tasty new drinks is the Rickety Split. A creamy and desserty drink featuring punchy Old J Tiki Fire (a cheeky 75.5% rum), Banane du Bresil, honey syrup, orgeat and half and half (that’s half milk and half cream btw). This drink was created by @callenderadam and for him being in his first year of bartending ever - were super proud of him and his tasty tasty drink. It’s also garnished with a baby stroopwaffel and who doesn’t love a snack? So, if you fancy a strong but sweet and creamy bev - try the Rickety Split! We’ll see you at the bar or for our next post introducing your new fave drinks🌺🏝️