Facebook post by Bamboo Door - Tiki Cocktail Bar - Sheffield

🕊️ For The Dove Of All That Is Holy 🕊️ Next up on our “hi, look at our new drinks” series is a long, fruity yet light agave based drink. Made with Patrón Reposado tequila, FAIR Açai Berry liqueur, grapefruit juice, citrus, Giffard Grenadine syrup, agave syrup and ginger beer this drink blends the tasty grapefruit and agave flavours of a paloma with the fruity vibes and light fizz of ginger beer from an el diablo. This drink was created by our Head Bartender (or king tiki monkey depends what title you prefer..) @connormarvellous - if you wanna know anything agave he is your man and this drink is perfect even for those who don’t always enjoy tequila! See ya next time 👋🏻🌺🏝️