Facebook post by Birdhouse Tea Bar & Kitchen

✨ Happy National Tea Day! ✨ Sometimes I wonder what my life would be if I wasn’t so obsessed with tea. Teenage me would search high and low for loose leaf tea around the country, booking myself train tickets and randomly going off on solo tea quests. Back then (20 years ago 👵🏻) there really wasn’t much on the market for anyone seriously passionate about tea, and it was my job at a chain coffee shop during Uni that finally pushed me to want to do something about it. Frustrated tea lovers given rubbish tea in teabags, for the same price as a coffee that was highly praised - excuse me, don’t insult or underestimate my precious drink! 😒 I finally booked myself onto a tea training course, passing the exam with 98% and taking home the certification of tea champion. The course was so new infact I was at the pilot event and was the first in the North to hold such an accolade. I was really proud of myself that I’d finally put my passion into action and was ready to start my Birdhouse journey. I began building my brand with my lovely mum, who had years of studies around the health benefits of herbs under her belt, and the rest is kind of history! A decade later and tea has taken me to amazing places, introduced me to some inspiring people and given me friends for life. It allows me to carefully source and work with the best ingredients around, and be creative every day. The recipes I created 10 years ago have now become kitchen cupboard staples countrywide and are given as thoughtful gifts daily. So, high street chain coffee shops and cafes - please, keep your rubbish tea because there are SO many amazing independents doing it right, and from the heart, for people who want to fill their cup with the best stuff around. I have the absolute pleasure of working closely with both our suppliers and staff, who bring me the most amount of joy by holding up the absolute hero that is tea, and celebrating it for all that it is and can be. Special thanks to you guys for supporting me through this journey - teenage me is beaming that she’s made a difference 🫶🏻! Xx