Facebook post by Birdhouse Tea Bar & Kitchen

As we turn the page on 2022, I’m sat with a brew reflecting on everything that’s happened over the last 12 months and can’t help but feel emotional. Your support has meant the world to us - thank you for keeping us busy especially after those rubbish couple of years we don’t talk about, for your kind reviews and repeat visits and for choosing us for your special events and celebration cakes- but mostly for the way you treat us all, day in and day out, and for understanding when we’ve had to make important decisions. We always say that Birdhouse customers are the best customers, and we genuinely mean it. As a team, we’ve all worked in hospitality/customer service for years prior, and there haven’t been customers that even come close to being half as lovely as you lot are. Genuinely. So, thank you so much again. Birdhouse wouldn’t be what it is without everything that takes place behind scenes, and most importantly the people that make it happen. To bring home TWO awards over the last year has been incredible, of which I’m incredibly grateful for and is complete credit to the whole team. Behind every small business are human beings going through the same rollercoaster ride of life as anyone is, and those moments of recognition mean more than you know. I’ve witnessed some big challenges that my team have had to deal with in their personal lives this year, and the way I see them not only cope with the bad stuff individually but support one another collectively has blown me away and I’m totally in awe. This is a massive cheers to them all, for grafting daily, turning up with great energy each day, putting out the most amazing food, drink and service, picking up each other’s pieces and helping to put them back together and for creating a space that feels really welcoming and safe both front of house and back - I am SO grateful to them all and everything they do. I feel very fortunate to work with such gorgeous people, all with so much to offer, and with their own stories to tell and things to grow through. Here’s to another year of supporting each other and making the best cups of tea. Paolo Cohelo wrote ‘wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure’. So, to my absolute treasures; Hannah, Naomi, Sara, Holls, Ellie, Cadey, John, Emma, Sabrina, Sam, Bec & Liv (and to Beth, Josh, Robbie, Nat, Steph & Linds) Thank you so much for everything this year ❤️ R xx