Facebook post by Birdhouse Tea Bar & Kitchen

Fruit & Nut is not a ‘Dad’ chocolate bar! 🍫 Ok, that’s a lie isn’t it? 😅 Hah even though my dad passed away over a decade ago now, I still reach for one in the corner shop because it brings me closer to him. The nostalgia of munching on a milk chocolate fruit and nut bar while watching F1 on a Sunday afternoon is one of my most comforting memories with him. Usually I hide away around Father’s Day, it’s not a day that feels gentle on the head or heart for people who don’t have their dad’s here for whatever reason. Anyone who has followed me from day 1 might know that the seeds of Birdhouse were being planted the same month my dad suddenly passed away. And although it was just a little dream at the time, what happened taught me that life is too short to not just to go for your dreams because tomorrow isn’t promised. So, I’m honouring my 23 year old self who got to working on her dream during the toughest of times and I can look back now proudly, only wishing my Dad was here to see and share a brew with me. Inspired by the most DAD choc of all time, and was enjoyed regularly by the funniest man I’ve ever known - a lovely Fruit & Nut blend 🙂 limited edition, available now only at the tea bar xx