Facebook post by Birdhouse Tea Bar & Kitchen

An ode to my wonderful birds on World Poetry Day ✨ Greeted each morning with the smell of fresh coffee and a cheery hello, If my team were a colour, they’d be the brightest sunshine yellow ☀️ Nay is the queen of everything on the bar, and makes the best and most creative drinks by far 👌🏻 Han is at the front with a beautiful & welcoming face, and will make you feel at home in our little place 🥰 Em is our delicious brunch dish inventor, and is about to start an amazing new adventure 🐣✨ Holl has grown so much in our many years together, I’m secretly hoping we’ll be birdies forever 🫶🏻 Becca is a talent of all things film & media, & gets the steps in every shift, there’s no one speedier 🏃‍♀️ Sara is our Saturday superstar, and makes G&T’s in pickle jars..! 🫙✨ Jonny fixes techy things I don’t understand, and had nothing to do with the Wonka thing in Scotland (the accent would say otherwise..) 😉 Ella is the baby spice of the crew, super sweet and lovely to be around too 🎀 Cadey creates delicious plates behind the scenes; the ultimate creative pancake queen 🥞 Elliot has a taste for all things fine, and is the reason some of us have a subscription to wine! 🍷 🤭 Adam is our newest member of the team, and is funny, hard working and a total dream ☺️ None of this I could do alone, and my gorgeous gang make Birdhouse a home 😘 xx