Facebook post by Birdhouse Tea Bar & Kitchen

💥 WIN! Fancy getting your hands on a GIANT CREME EGG SCOTCH EGG!?! 💥 All you have to do is guess the weight in grams & tag who you’d share it with!! Whoever gets closest to the actual weight will be able to pick up this ginormous Cadbury egg, filled with homemade creme egg fondant, rolled in a whole tray of brownie, smothered in biscoff sauce and rolled in lotus biscuit crumbs!! I’ve been having scotchie making dreams all week, but last night in my slumber I made the world’s biggest one and Jane McDonald presented me with an award 😂 I woke up thinking that maybe Jane might have Easter plans, and I don’t even know if anyone has even made one before to make this the world’s biggest? But I can’t seem to find any from searching - so here it is! The unofficial WORLDS LARGEST CREME EGG SCOTCH EGG! 😊 get your guesses in below!!!! Ends Sunday 3pm xx