Facebook post by Cubana Tapas Bar Sheffield

This is something that we have been itching to tell you for a while now… We are thrilled to announce that we have been specifically chosen as one of a very limited number of bars in the UK to stock and offer Plantaray’s newest addition to their portfolio, Cut & Dry Coconut Rum! You won’t find this anywhere else in the city, or region for that matter (one of 6 bars outside of London!), and it is an absolute must try. Whether you’re a rum aficionado, new to the world of rum, a cocktail enthusiast, a mixologist, or just love coconuts…this is truly something to behold. Cut & Dry is a beautifully balanced coconut rum that has Barbados at the heart of every sip, from the locally sourced and handpicked coconuts to the rum base itself, they have strived to create a rum that is sustainable and supports Bajan agriculture. With each sip you can taste the craftsmanship and years of work that has been put into this rum, a true coconut rum from start to finish. We are incredibly excited to be part of the launch to the UK market and honoured to have been chosen, and we are more excited to invite you all to be a part of Plantaray history with us. Watch this space…we have much more to show off what we can do with this incredible rum. . . . . #cubanatapasbarsheffield #planterayrum #cutanddry #planteraycutanddry #coconutrum #sheffield #sheffieldissuper #sheffieldbars #cocktail #mixology #bartender #southyorkshire #yorkshire #rum @planterayrum @westindiesrumdistillery @indulgewithalonso @n.a.r.c.creative @kelhamstudio