Facebook post by Cubana Tapas Bar Sheffield

🌟 NEW CULINARY DELIGHTS ON THE MENU @ CUBANA 🌟 🎺We're thrilled to announce the launch of Cubana's latest tapas menu featuring over 40 scrumptious tapas dishes. our new menu combines the timeless charm of classic Spanish tapas with an abundance of Latin American favourites, including a delicious selection of vegetarian/vegan dishes. we truly believe our latest tapas menu takes us to the next level. One of the highlights of our latest tapas menu is the emphasis on fresh seafood 🐟 Newbie delights include the ‘PULPO A LA GALLEGA’ – succulent grilled octopus accompanied by marinated sliced new potatoes, smoked paprika and olive oil. You’ll want to try our ‘BUÑELOS DE BACALAO – crispy, deep fried salted cod and potato fritters. For those who savor rich, slow cooked flavours, ‘RES Y FRIJOLES’ offers tender beef and black beans infused with cumin onions and garlic 🥩 And a lovely vegetarian🌱 addition is the ‘EMPANADA DE CHAMPINONES Y QUESO FETA’, Empanada pastry, filled with wild mushroom, feta cheese and spinach... For everything you need to know visit: https://cubanatapasbar.co.uk/New_Culinary_Tapas_Delights.php