Facebook post by Cubana Tapas Bar Sheffield

WELL, WELL, WELL…what another epic extravaganza and fantastic great way to start the trio of Salsa in the Squares for 2024! The whole team/performers put incredible efforts in and I believe it’s safe to say that it brought a unique atmosphere that we have the privilege of hosting and you get to enjoy 😇 A hearty thank you to all that came and special mentions include: 📢 OMAR PUENTE & RAICES CUBANA for proving yet again why they are a firm favourite with fans and are truly a class act! 📢 Our co-host and compere the wonderful RICHARD CHONGTHAM (RCDance) & the lovely DJ ANNA DE ORTE for all the energy and the work they do behind the scenes! 📢 Samba de Janeiro for their captivating Latin Fusion performance and crowd engaging animation! 📢 Our fab 5 DJs, ROLY, EBO, ANNA, SABROSO, BRITANICO who together with our two amazing percussionists ARMANDO MURILLO & KENT ROACH kept the Barrio Latino party going all night long! 📢 The amazing CUBANA STAFF for all their hard work, high energy and positive vibes in what was an extremely long but thoroughly enjoyable fiesta 📢 RYAN & MATTHEW for their technical and musical mastery that is not only recognised by us but also by Omar and the guys ! 📢 The whole SECURITY TEAM that look after everyone which enables us to dance safely and deliver knockout shows and dancing! 📢 EMMA TANN for capturing all of the fun on camera, the fruits of which we’ll be able to see on this page, in just a few days’ time. 📢 Leopold Square and Havana Club for their sponsorship and continued support 📢 Last but not least – EVERYONE THAT CAME and those who continue to come year after year! Look out for all the details and info on the NEXT SALSA IN THE SQUARE EVENT ON SUNDAY 26 MAY MUCHAS GRACIAS everyone, If we don’t see you before, see you then. ALL @ CUBANA, ADRIAN, RICHARD, ANNA and the team at Leopold Square xx