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**“DE NADA” WITH NORTHERNBWOY & GUESTS - WEDNESDAY 24th JAN ** Join us for a musical treat next Wednesday 8pm-Midnight – Cubana, Downstairs Cocktail Bar! 🍹 Local musical talent and promoter “NorthernBwoy” brings you a one off special musical feast “De Nada” to Cubana featuring elite performers of Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, Pop and even a little Poetry. Northernbwoy welcomes some of South Yorkshire’s bright and emerging musical talents - a collaboration of promising young artists spreading only positive vibes/ lyrics that’ll be sure to bring a smile to your face and keep you moving! We’d like to make “De Nada” a regular thing going forward. We’ve got an amazing line up of entertainment with loads of talent on show and we’d just like your help to create the perfect vibe 🕺🏽💫 Here’s the full line up for what is sure to be a fantastic event: 🔸8:15PM - 8:45PM Balby Local @balbylocal @balbylocal who will share with you his musical journey & show off his multiple sub-genres of rap. 🔸8:45PM - 9:15PM Kid_Blu3 @kid_blu3e will take you on a walk through her life events & how she’s inspired to help more people around the world. 🔸9:15PM - 9:45PM Nathaniel Short Come & see why @nathaniel_sh0rt was selected to perform @tramlines last year. A little secret… His vocals are crazy! 🔸9:45PM - 10:15PM TeeWhy @teewhywho is en route to show you how to really blend trap beats with a melodic wave. Come & see just how he exemplifies authenticity through his artistry, storytelling & vibrancy.🦅 🔸10:45PM - 11:30PM TENN Get a chance to see singer, songwriter & producer@tennthernbkid TENN is no stranger to music world & is known, not just locally but worldwide for his UK R&B style. #songwriter #music #cubanatapasbar #wednesdayvibes #cheers #drink #livemusicians #livemusic #sheffield #leopoldsquaresheffield #leopoldsquaremusic #leopoldsquare #rapmusic #rap #hiphopmusic #hiphop #poetrylovers #pop