Facebook post by Cubana Tapas Bar Sheffield

*** SALSA IN THE SQUARE – LAST SUNDAY 28 MAY 2023 *** What a fabulous Salsa in the Square event it was, last Sunday here in Leopold Square 😁💃🕺 The event continues to be a great success and we’re super grateful to everyone for all the planning, organising, delivering efforts that go on behind the scenes. A special BIG GRACIAS goes to: Indira Roman and Ají Pa’Ti for their amazing music and the warmth they brought into the square! It was also an honour to host the 72-year-old Latin legend, Roberto Plas on congas – the whole 8-piece band were just incredible! Our co-hosts/promotors RC Dance and Anna De Orte – what a team! Lais and her dance troop, Samba de Janeiro, for yet another captivating and stunning display Ryan Taylor – the soundest, sound technician around 😊 El Negrito Xulas aka Maykel Cardoso for his surprise return and playing his new releases. Our fab 4 DJs, Anna, Ebo Chanquety and Sabroso plus Armando Murillo on congas - from start to finish kept the party going Havana Club and Leopold Square for their sponsorship and continued support Last but not least - everyone who came and those who continue to come year after year! Here’s a short video/rough edit of the fiesta (full video to follow soon ) - If you missed out, not to worry, there’s not long to wait until the next event on Sunday 27 August 2023 Photos from last Sundays’ Salsa in the Square are now up on RC Dance Facebook page 👇 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid0368D8aHBpWXWk4bwDGHHBMpa11Qh3wzsxvz7WYS9UWbpaMbYivJpoc4pn6AWorP6jl&id=2336545789904838 Until the next one, adios for now and much love from Cubana, RC Dance, Anna de Orte and the Leopold Square team X Video by 👉https://www.lvlvisual.co.uk/