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What is teppanyaki? 🔥 Guests sat at our live teppanyaki station will have front-row seats to our expert teppanyaki chef putting on a spectacular show of roaring fire, impressive knife tricks and fun with food on a traditional Teppan hotplate. Enjoy an 8-course set menu of your choice cooked right in front of your eyes - You might even get the chance to get behind the hotplate yourself 👨‍🍳 This immersive experience only has 10 spaces per sitting with two time slots per day (5:30pm and 7:30pm) from Tuesday to Saturday. There is a maximum of 10 seats at the table and we need a minimum of 4 people booked in per time slot in order for the dining experience to go ahead. Contact us via 0114 275 4490, guyshisheffield@gmail.com or DM to book. Please note that if you would like to reserve for under 4 people, there is a chance it will get cancelled if we were unable to fill up to four seats. We also have a vegetarian, vegan and pescatarian set menu available.