Facebook post by Guyshi BBQ + Bar

Here's our rebranded UTAGE menu which you can also find on our website 🔥 Utage (pronounced oo-tar-geh) means banquet or feast in Japanese, which is exactly what this is! 🥢 90 minutes of juicy meat, succulent seafood, fresh veg, silky sushi, appetisers, noodles, rice and decadent desserts 🇯🇵 Brought to your built-in bbq grill table by our trusty cat robot waiter Yuki, and our other (human) staff will be on hand to demonstrate how to cook the ingredients to perfection 🤌✨️ Available all day, every day. Mon-Thurs: £34.99pp Fri-Sun: £44.99pp Age 3-12: £19.99pp www.guyshi.co.uk BOOKINGS: 📞 0114 275 4490 📧 guyshisheffield@gmail.com 🤳 DMs