Facebook post by Hoffenbrau

Weekend checklist: Shots, Shots, and more Shots! Join the ultimate weekend celebration at Hoffenbrau, your go-to German bar! 🍻 We're unlocking the doors from 10pm to 4am, setting the stage for an unforgettable night of fun and festivity. ✨ Discover a world of flavour with our Shots and Bombs menu! Elevate your party experience with the J-Bomb, Sambuca, Baby Guinness, Skittle Bomb, Tequila, Passoa Bomb, or Sourz – all priced at just £1.50, all night long. 🥃 Gather your friends, raise your glasses, and immerse yourself in the essence of Hoffenbrau. Cheers to fantastic weekends and unbeatable deals! 🍹