Facebook post by Hoffenbrau

Get ready for an EPIC weekend at Hoffenbrau - your ultimate German party destination! 🇩🇪 We're open from 10pm to 4am, so clear your schedules and join us for a night of non-stop fun! 🌙 We also have a treat instore for you, our BRAND NEW Shots and Bombs menu that will take your party experience to the next level. 🥳 For just £1.50 each, all the time, indulge in the ultimate line up of J-Bomb's, Sambuca's, Baby Guinness, Skittle Bomb's, Tequila's, Passoa Bomb's and Sourz! 🤩 With prices this unbeatable, you can try them all and discover your new favourite! ✨ So bring your friends, unleash the good times, and let the Hoffenbrau vibes take over! 🕺