Facebook post by Hop Hideout Beer Shop

There’s been so much going on lately we’ve neglected to tell you about all the excellent beer that’s come in (and gone out 😬). Of course there was @sheffbeerweek and @indiebeerfeast then our news on moving to @leahsyard in 2024 💥 There’s lots to be worked through but please do pop down to see us at our current location before we go. We do still need your support, so we can then open in the new location. Part of a wonderful indie community but also with our own dedicated space and front door once again 💪 If you do have beer or cider tastings or vouchers, drop us an email to book or come down through April. Otherwise they’ll all still be valid in our new #LeahsYard location. Anyhoo you can’t beat the fabulous @torrsidebrewing for superb malt-forward beers (and intriguing beer styles that even create their own category!?! Or confound categorisation maybe… in a good way). A couple of these are restocks including our Schwarzbier collab that we’ve really really happy with, so if you haven’t tried maybe now is the time. There’s also an 11.5% peat-smoked malt double black IPA, with dates added into the boil!?! Well, if you’re going to celebrate your 400th #brewday Solar Terminator certainly does that. 🎈