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🍾 What a night of Italian low-intervention wine bottle poppin’ last night with @naturallywines 🍇 Thank you to everyone who came down, we had a fab mix of different friendship groups and families, plus two birthdays! Through the evening we tasted, not 5, but 6 wines in the end; travelling on a journey through Italy and discovering these wonderful producers: 🍾Marco Merli 🍾Montesissa Emilio Bonissima 🍾Croci 🍾Casè 🍾Badalucco 🍾Meigamma With delicately floral and aromatic whites, to skin-contact orangey sparkling, and big marmalade noted deep orange wonders and finishing on a juicy red-fruited Sicilian wild ferment red. We’ve just had a fresh delivery of wines and vintages for #drinkin #takeout and/or #mailorder So lookout for more posts on #wine 👀