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🍎 How’s Them Apples & Pears 🍐 Kicking off today our weekend celebrating delicious cider and Perry. And for the first time we’re serving by the glass 🥂 We’re offering three starting bottles and will rotate through a choice selection as they finish. We’ve also set-up a tasting flight - so one of each (3), 175ml serve - £10. First up ⤵️ 🍎 @wildingcider Dry, fruity cider from Somerset. Blended cider built around three varieties Dove, Yarlington Mill, and Browns. Then combined with more complex cask aged cider after maturation. 🍐🍺 @pastorebrewing x @littlepomona beer/Perry hybrid. Golden wild ale aged in sherry barrels for one year with perry lees. A delicious union between pear, malt, lactic acidity, oak and funk. #LittlePomona are based in Herefordshire. 🍎 @duckchicken_cider Colleen and James run this small cider, operating in South London since 2016. Their ciders are fully fermented (dry), non-sweetened and non-pasteurised Eastern style ciders. That means using dessert or eating apples instead of traditional cider apples. The apples they pick are from two neighbouring Kentish orchards, which would otherwise leave the apples to waste. They produce a mix of wild ferment and cultured yeast ciders every year. This is a single variety Bramley’s Seedling. Moreish tongue tingling sharpness finished with a soft fruity hint of Jolly Ranchers and dry tannic hit.