Facebook post by Hop Hideout Beer Shop

🎉Happy New Year Everyone 💖 We didn’t get a chance to post this yesterday but just wanted to say hope 2024 will be a good year for you all and thanks once again for your support. It’s been a funny few years since the pandemic hasn’t it?!? But we’re still here, serving you amazing beer, quality cider and tasty wines 🤘 2023 highlights include Indie Beer Feast and Sheffield Beer Week as always, with thanks this year to Little Pomona, Orchard & Cidery, Abbeydale Brewery, Crossover Blendery and Little Earth Project 🍺 We had visits from friends @tomolivercider @markdredge @petebrownbeer 🙏 We hosted our first women’s beer tasting with Living in Sheffield’s Livia and it was such fun. We’re actually going to host another one this March due to requests, so look out for detail on that coming soon. We also hosted our first Labels Off event which everyone really enjoyed, running two sessions covering West Coast IPA. Would you like more of these in 2024? If so what beer styles would you like us to cover? We celebrated our 10th birthday in November releasing Diamond Day, a collaboration beer with Thornbridge Brewery 💎 Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us over our birthday weekend. We brewed our first advent beer this Christmas with smoke legends Torrside Brewing A gently smoky schwarzbier, which turned out to be a big hit 🐈‍⬛ And finally it was Ivy’s first proper Christmas - we closed Christmas Eve for the first time in ten years and enjoyed making new family traditions. Here’s to embracing the #newyear and everything that it may bring 🌱 @followers