Facebook post by Hop Hideout Beer Shop

👉 All the @wiperandtrue beers are on and tasting absolutely delish! From their classic milk stout, to lemony pale ale, to huge fruity crumble sour and the hazy #NZIPA Kiwi Lilt XL 😋 Small pack wise we have an apricot sour, more milk stout (because it’s the #milkstout you need in your life), hazy pale using Norwegian yeast strain Voss Kveik and Abundance saison (375ml bottle), a slow-matured #mixedfermentation saison brewed with foraged elderflowers 🌿 Love the gold-coloured moth bottle design. Don’t forget if you’d like to chat to #wiperandtrue we have Karl from the brewery team here 5-8pm tonight (Wed 5th April). See you then! #freeevent #meetthebrewery #hophideout #kommunesheff