Facebook post by Hop Hideout Beer Shop

After a challenging few days last week moving ALL Hop Hideout’s stock and equipment into cold storage and closing the foodhall location, the Living in Sheffield Women in Business coffee morning event organised by Lívia Barreira was something I was really looking forward to yesterday. Livia’s events are so friendly, welcoming and supportive plus you always meet really interesting folks, doing great things. Please do tag your businesses below those in the photos by #Livinginsheffield 📸 It was my third time attending and today I was invited to give a talk all about Hop Hideout, Sheffield Beer Week and Indie Beer Feast 🍺 Thanks to everyone for listening and asking questions after too. Some of the major barriers for UK women entrepreneurs include insufficient savings, perceived high risk, and confidence issues. However it’s events like Livia’s which show there’s solidarity out there to be found, where you can openly chat, share experience, advice and offer support. Which is invaluable. Having successfully achieved just short of £10k on our new venue in Leah's Yard Crowdfunder which closed yesterday also, huge thanks to the 198 supporters who pledged. It really has shown the community support Hop Hideout has developed. And that’s really humbling and wonderful. And if I’m really honest that’s what drives me. ❤️ p.s. Thanks to Chakra Lounge Sheffield for providing the venue, great coffee and delicious samosa chaat… p.p.s. They have a really nice downstairs seating area which I had no idea about and will definitely be recommending (in addition to the food and drink!). p.p.p.s. Go follow #livinginsheffield for more great events and maybe come to her next one 💫