Facebook post by Hop Hideout Beer Shop

Gluten Free 🍺 There’s 10 #GFbeer options currently in store here at Hop Hideout. Since a recent coeliac diagnosis in our family we’re really trying to source a regular and good range to have available. Fortunately we’ve also 3 #Sheffield breweries now brewing GF beers > @abbeydalebeers @triplepointbrew @bradfieldbrewery ✅ But we’re always on the look out for more. Let us know if you have any recommends. We’ve really like @arbor.ales and @northbrewco ones! From what we’re aware of there’s two main ways to brew gluten free beer. One is to use a malt from naturally gluten free cereals such as millet, sorghum, rice, buckwheat, quinoa or maize. Though we haven’t seen as many of these over here. The other method is to brew a beer using a gluten containing malt (e.g. barley/wheat/rye), and then introduce a process to reduce the gluten content. The current legal target is under 20 ppm (parts per million) or less of gluten. Breweries use an enzyme to break down the gluten protein. An example of this is Brewers Clarex® (which is also used to reduce the chill haze). All these beers taste great and offer a variety of beer styles too. Beers for everyone 👏🎉