Facebook post by Hop Hideout Beer Shop

We were drawn to Ideal Day Family Brewery for many positive reasons and were waiting for this fledgling family brewery start-up to develop their roots and grow 🌱 AND so we could finally order some beer 😉 Yay!!! Ideal Day are James and Nia (and the kids!) having relocated to Crocadon Farm in Cornwall and taken on a few barns to convert to their new brewery. James has brewed at The Kernel and Beavertown, in the very early days, Gamma Ray being one of his recipe developments. He’s also worked at Redchurch and Harbour looking after the barrel-aged, wild, mixed fermentation and funky side of those breweries. Nia and James, inspired by many things, including the slow food movement, have become more passionate about farm living and beers that resemble more ‘of the land’, including supporting regenerative farming practices. We’re excited to see how they grow and develop and of course to try their beers ⤵️ We have three beers - all 500ml bottle 🍺 Path of the Sun, Field Beer 4.5% with simplicity and refreshment at its heart. A rustic farmhouse style pale brewed with British hops from one farm, heritage malted barley, regeneratively grown yield and quality wheat, Cornish water and expressive yeast cultures. 🍺First Steps, Ester Beer, 5% a celebration of complexity and nuance (and their youngest son taking his first steps). Lots of beautiful complex esters from the yeast with a dry and snappy finish. 🍺Scenic Route, lagered beer, 4.3% a crisp, hoppy and rustic lager-style beer. Fermented with an expressive lager yeast and properly lagered, aka given time! This uses UK grown while leaf Cascade and Goldings.