Facebook post by Hop Hideout Beer Shop

The Gender Pint Gap report has just been revisited in 2024 by the Dea Latis organisation (intitially published in 2018) and they’ll be sharing the headlines ⏰ tonight at 5.30pm, free on Zoom. Come along! It’s a key deep dive and research piece on the British beer landscape and women. This is something for everyone to read, and we’ll be taking some time to work through it here at Hop Hideout. You can find our Jules on page 59 highlighting that women want to be engaged in this industry, but sadly it seems, as highlighted in the report, this just hasn’t been the case consistently, or effectively going by the data. There’s plenty of opportunity to address this and actively engage people meaningfully. Jules always looks to do this through her work Hop Hideout, Indie Beer Feast and Sheffield Beer Week. ✌️🍻 The Dea Latis Manifesto is a positive 10 point plan to help make this happen - 1. Challenge Stereotypes 2. Promote Education 3. Organise Tastings and Events 4. Encourage Dialogue 5. Create Inclusive Spaces 6. Use Social Media 7. Lead By Example 8. Support Women in the Beer Industry 9. Collaborate with Beer Communities 10. Patience and Persistence Even picking one from the above to work on will make a valued difference ✌️ Let’s do this together. We’ll popped the link for the report below in the comments and you can head to Dea Latis FB page for the Zoom link.