Facebook post by Hop Hideout Beer Shop

A @torrsidebrewing delivery day is always a GOOD day, especially after #smokefest 😊 We’ve sourced some of our friend’s collab @swift_run_coaching with Pace Setter table beer coming on tap soon, plus Second Runnings West Coast IPA with all the C-hops in bottle (with all the bitter and punchiness you’d want from this style. Well we do anyway!). We can never resist a proper bitter that’s #bottleconditioned brewed with UK Jester and Northdown hops. Then we have a trio of SMOKE a skibsøl which is essentially a smoked mild; @garshol73 goes in to detail on this dark, smoky, well-hopped low strength “ship’s beer” (a daily ration of Danish sailors in the 18/19th centuries) in a recent @craftbeerbrew piece. Maria is an oud rauch-bruin, which is a long term project that’s come to fruition as a smoked Flanders brown. Finally Trust Me, I Know What I’m Doing which is a kveik smoked golden ale with a lovely tangerine note and gentle smoke. Thanks to #Torrside for brightening up our week 😍👏