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Couldn’t resist ordering more Little Earth Project. Partly because one of THE MOST TALKED ABOUT beers of Indie Beer Feast was available (JIM)! 💯 It's Life, Jim MKII - 15.2% *NEW* 750ml “The second release of our beloved barleywine, but not as you know it. 100% pale organic malt. 24 hour boil. Organic British hops. Brewed in October 2020 and aged in a 400L butt for 17 months along with our mixed culture before packaging in early 2022. The colour is now a deep amber, due to the long boil and caramelisation of the malt, which brings sweetness, and therefore increases the ABV once the wild yeasts are added. Dark fruits, dates, raisins come through on the finish.” Alongside we have 🍾 Echoes of Summer 2021 - 5.6% *NEW* 375ml bottle “Originally brewed in collaboration with London based brewery, Solvay Society for Collabageddon 2019, we loved this Suffolk fruited sour so much we just had to include it in an annual rebrew. Brewed in December 2020, it was left to age for 7 months when summer fruits including locally sourced raspberries, gooseberries, elderberries, blackberries and cherries were added to referment for an additional 7 months before bottling in February 2022. The wild yeasts from the fruit mix with our own house blend to further dry out the finish and leave a real tart, fruit forward sour!” Aurum Viriditas - 5.5% 375ml “A single barrel golden sour which was left to age for about a year before 1kg of pineapple weed was added directly to the barrel. The weed, which grows plentifully on our brewery site, is also known as wild chamomile and brings a warm herbal note to the final beer. A few months later, in autumn 2021, the beer was wet hopped with fresh from the bine Brewers Gold hops giving it a boost of light citrus before packaging.” #littleearthproject #beersplustime #agedbeer #barrelfermented #funkybeer #hophideout