Facebook post by Hop Hideout Beer Shop

We couldn’t resist ordering more Schneeeule Berlin🦉So the original Berliner Weisse, Marlene, in bottle, is back AND we have a tasty keg too of Kennedy hopped with US and German varieties to go on soon. If you haven’t tried Ulrike’s #berlinerweisse we highly highly recommend her beers (swipe to see me pictured with her in Amsterdam outside @indewildeman at an @carnivalebrettanomyces event, 2023). She’s researched her country’s historical beer style in-depth, and passionately searches out vintage bottles, all in order to brew the best, most complex and flavoursome beers you can imagine. All focused on that one style. Even sourcing those historical yeasts from vintage bottles of the last breweries that existed after World War II. Trying to get as close to the original beer style as possible. Schneeeule Brewery want to give Berlin back a piece of its culture: the real Berliner Weisse. A story you’ve likely heard many times (and sadly still all around the globe!), a large brewery bought up all Berlin breweries in the mid-90s. Beers stopped being brewed and the history was lost until 2012. Schneeeule are changing that and also adding their own unique modern craft brewing twist, we’d expect no less. 👏