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SPECIAL AVAILABLE TODAY FROM Fat Hippo Introducing...RE-BORN SLIPPY "Pimped to PERFECTION, this beauty has a heart of - butter, as handmade chipotle bacon butter sits in the centre, oozing with every bite, creating new levels of moist richness. Paired with tender, braised pork rib meat, the perfect juicy balance of flavour has been unlocked. And not just one, but two tantalising cheeses: smoked cheddar, offering that distinct mature note, and classic American that melts in that perfect way you like. And it's not just BBQ, it's Alabama white BBQ, sweet, tangy, spicy and significantly cooler than its red counterpart. All topped off with pink pickled onions, pretty to look at and even prettier on your palette.." #kommune #fathippo #fathippoburger #special #burger #burgerlover #bestfoodhall2023 #sheffield #sheffieldissuper #fyp