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WOMEN SUPPORTING WOMEN THROUGH COLLABEERATION Are you ready to raise your glass? The first Living in Sheffield, ‘Women’s Beer Tasting’, hosted alongside award-winning Sheffield beer shop, Hop Hideout Beer Shop is happening in May. Two women collaborating together to widen the connection of community with beer. An opportunity to travel the world in flavours, stories and ingredients. The event will take place on May 25th at Kommune foodhall, where Hop Hideout is currently located, in a great partnership between two women who love a good pint: Livia Barreira (from Living in Sheffield) and Jules Gray (from Hop Hideout). Tickets for the event are £10 and include 4 thirds of beer. “People quite often think women don’t like or don’t understand about beers, which is wrong. This event is also an incredible opportunity for us, women in Sheffield who like a good pint, to connect and have fun”, says Livia. Jules explains: “It will be an accessible, inclusive and fun beer tasting for women and LGBTQ+ folks as part of the Women on Tap National Festival, that is taking place between the 24th and 28th of May all across the country”. Children are welcome with parent/s and food will be available to order via Kommune foodhall. Tickets for the event: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/living-in-sheffield-womens-beer-tasting-tickets-625294040307 END of copy Jules Gray is a dedicated beer industry professional who owns award-winning beer shop Hop Hideout. She also runs the city-wide annual beer celebration Sheffield Beer Week and launched Sheffield’s craft beer festival Indie Beer Feast. She’s a published writer and beer judge. E: hophideout@gmail.com Livia Barreira is a journalist, writer, Sheffield ambassador for independent businesses and the face behind Living in Sheffield. She is a beer enthusiast and likes networking and finding fun things to do in our city. E: livinginsheffieldcontact@gmail.com Women On Tap CIC: Seventh annual festival celebrating women in beer www.womenontap.co.uk/wotfest2023