Facebook post by Kommune

This week I have been meeting with the other members of Studio II Collective at Kommune in Sheffield, as they have been designing and producing their website, www.studioiicollective.co.uk which has been great to be witnessing and to be a part of. They have been showing me what it means to work together, using each other's talents to make a website they can be proud of. They have also been showing me and getting me involved in how to use Figma and WebFlow to produce the website. They have been happy to answer all my questions, show how the process can be fun, and keep to a professional standard despite distributing deadlines among themselves. I have found the process very helpful and inspiring, which is great for when the appropriate time arrives for me to design my website. I have also helped them out by redesigning the icons more consistently, as well as redesigning some of them to be preferable to the originals assigned to me. The website will continue to evolve in its production and I look forward to being a part of the journey. You should check it out! You may find that between us all, we can provide the service you need! Should you need a website, Studio II Collective can help! Get in touch with us via the Facebook link, +44 7889 260172 or info@studioii-collective.co.uk. If you require branding, typographic services, flyers or business cards, feel free to get in touch with me for a free quote! Also via 07872 425 481 and reece.kelly.designs@outlook.com. #graphicdesign #graphicdesigners #studio #webdevelopment #webdevelopers #learning #professionaldevelopment #professionalism #fun #illustrator #figma #collective #icondesign #webflow #talents #Deadlines #inspiration #journey #branding #typographydesign #flyers #posters #businesscards #kommune #sheffield