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Join us in Sheffield for a novel entertainment experience that also contributes to worthy causes. Play The Game Events, in collaboration with The Kurious, is hosting a series of CONVOY - The Card Strategy Game™ Tournaments to support The Yorkshire Air Ambulance and The Auxilium Society. CONVOY - The Card Strategy Game™ offers an exhilarating tabletop experience that tests your skills and strategic thinking. It's a game that can be learned in minutes and is suitable for all ages. In CONVOY, the objective is to create "Convoys" by aligning four counters or tokens of the same colour (or three, plus a bonus piece) in a straight line, whether vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, anywhere on the game board. Once a "Convoy" is formed, those pieces are secured and cannot be removed. The first player to achieve two lines (Convoys) of four is declared the winner. The pace is brisk, with each move requiring completion within 30 seconds, so unlike some games you won't get time to be bored. For those eager to learn how to play CONVOY - The Card Strategy Game™ or to practise before the event, visit www.convoythegame.com, where you'll find an online version. Whether you're new to CONVOY or a seasoned player, this event welcomes all, as the game is easy to grasp, and one game is never enough. The evening will feature the ability to experience a gripping new game and the opportunity to buy-in to several tournaments, each with different ticket prices and associated prizes. The general event admission price is £10 per person and will include FIVE games in a player competition with a 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize (to be announced) BOOK YOUR EVENT ENTRY TICKET NOW! and SAVE! - via https://tickets.tapinto.events/events/tapintoevents/1043052 all entry tickets purchased at the event in the evening will incur a 20% surcharge. We look forward to seeing you at 7pm on the 30th November 2023 @ Kommue in Sheffield for a fun & exciting evening. Join us in Sheffield for a novel entertainment experience that also contributes to worthy causes.