Facebook post by Kuckoo Sheffield

Kuckoo are celebrating National Rum Punch Day with a classic Rum Punch as it was designed, hailing from Jamaica. One of sour, two of sweet, three of strong and four of weak. 15ml Smith & Cross Navy Strength Rum 15ml Appleton Signature 15ml Kingston 62 15ml Fresh Lime Juice 15ml Orange Juice 15ml Mango Juice 15ml Pineapple Juice 15ml Guava Juice 30ml Passionfruit Syrup 2 dash Angostura Bitters • • The word “punch” comes from the Hindi word “panch” meaning five, referring to the five key ingredients in traditional punches. The Rum Punch has its roots in the British Navy, initially created to make poorly produced rum more appealing to sailors and pirates as it would appear. While the Rum Punch has a past shrouded in darkness it has evolved into a strong symbol of resilience, diversity and togetherness. #rumpunchday #kuckoo #sheffield #chester #preston #knutsford #warrington #cocktailbar #cocktail #bartender #mixology #drinks #rum