Facebook post by Macpot

MACPOT ANNOUNCEMENT It’s time to stop the rollercoaster. What do all the gambling sites say? When the fun stops, stop. We opened Macpot 3 weeks before a pandemic which shook every corner of the hospitality industry. It was our first bricks and mortar venture and while we knew it would be challenging and we’d make mistakes as budding entrepreneurs there was no way we could have predicted the impact COVID would have on our business. We’ve decided not to reopen the doors of macpot and stop trading all together. We’re both in bits but it’s time to move on, who knows what the future holds but for now it’s goodbye. We want to thank each and every one of you who has supported our dream and vision - in a weird way it’s still been the best couple of years and we’ve had some amazing highs. Although we are gone, please support Sheffield independents they need you more now than ever!