Facebook post by Miller & Carter Sheffield City Centre IKC

🥩”MEAT” the team!!🥩 This is Charles, although you might not recognise him without a handheld hoover or a banana in his hand! 🧹 🍌 Charles is one of our lovely assistant managers, who joined us from opening day, from the lovely Miller and Carter Bessaccar in Doncaster. He began his M&C journey in 2017, where he started as a Server from the opening of Bessacarr, formerly the Hare and Tortoise, he then worked his way up to bar manager and now - assistant manager 🤩 Charles loves a glass of red wine and is the perfect person to ask for any advice on our lovely selection of wines - his favourite is our Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon 🍷 He also LOVES a blue fillet steak or our Miller’s steakhouse dirty burger!🍔 Fun fact, Charles also owns a variety of pets, such as: a snake, a bearded dragon, a tarantula and a gerbil! 🐹 #steakhouse #steak #sheffield #millerandcartersteakhouse #eatingoutinsheffield #millerandcartersheffield #sheffieldcitycentre #millerandcarter #fortheloveofsteak