Facebook post by Miller & Carter Sheffield City Centre IKC

Let’s talk… our crispy, golden onion loaf 😍 🧅we’ve seen some videos circulating trying to recreate them, but you simply can’t beat the original. Served with every steak, dirty burger, steak sandwich and slow-cooked beef shin - this fan favourite is NOT to be overlooked. Mini loaves of fried crispy onions, battered, seasoned and cooked to absolute perfection. Golden and crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. An integral part of your meal, and one of our 9 steak hallmarks, which we curated to ensure the perfect experience for all of our guests 🏅 Don’t worry! Even if you don’t fancy steak, or simply can’t get enough of our onion loaves, we do offer them as a side portion too - three extra loaves to accompany your meal. This side portion is also available in our 3 for £10 on selected sides deal! 🍽️ https://bit.ly/BookYourTableHereSheffCC #steakhouse #steak #sheffield #millerandcartersteakhouse #eatingoutinsheffield #millerandcartersheffield #sheffieldcitycentre #millerandcarter #fortheloveofsteak #onionloaf #steakexperience #steakexperts