Facebook post by Miller & Carter Sheffield City Centre IKC

🥗 A LITTLE WEDGEUCATION.... 🥗 The glorious Wedge debate! You either Love it or Hate it! Either way, we love all the comments about it! Iceberg lettuce... not sliced or diced or chopped... just served as a 1/4 chunk in a wooden bowl with your choice of dressing. Harking back to the 1950’s American Steakhouses, the salad wedge would traditionally be served plain and a few minutes before you steak arrives - we have added our own twist to it, making it the perfect Steak accompaniment with five different toppings! Garlic Mayo and Gran padano Honey & Mustard with Bacon Caesar with Croutons Blue Cheese & Stilton Classic Vinaigrette Book now https://bit.ly/MillerandCarterSheff