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Meet The Team: Niamh (aka Niamhalicious) Our Manx queen joined us just under a year ago and the bar is all the more ✨girlypop✨for it. In her time here she’s bedazzled batch bottles, educated us all on weird Isle of Man facts, (did you know their cats don’t have tails? us neither 🐈) and really raised the bar for cool hair at Public.🎀 When not underground you’ll find her sipping a nice cold glass of orange wine and creating some pretty cool animations all while having the coolest nails around (ask her to show you next time you’re in.)💅🏼 Favourite Drink: A crisp can of Diet Coke <3 Album of Choice: Electra Heart - MARINA Creator Of: Pillow Talk Most Likely To: Be turning the bar upside down looking for her phone. Stay Slay xo 📸 @p_e_d_a_l_o