Facebook post by Smoke BBQ Sheffield

Dear all, You must be aware by now, that all shops, bars and restaurants are under very strict guidelines that must be followed, when it comes to face coverings! We have worked really hard over the past few months to ensure that you and our staff feel safe and secure while visiting/working. This isn’t a Smoke rule, and we respect each other’s differences on the issue of face coverings, however, whilst most customers obey the (government imposed) rule, sadly there are still few who think it’s ok to be abusive and disrespectful to staff (and other diners) when asked to put the mask on. Staff, who are simply trying to install some form of normality and do their job! The hospitality and retail industry is relying on the community in adhering to the rules, so please please help us! Rude and aggressive behaviour simplify won’t be tolerated! We are all in this together, and those who don’t agree with that statement or are simply rude and aggressive should follow another government guideline and stay at home! To majority of our customers, thank you for all your support during these crazy times and we look forward to seeing you again soon! Thank you #teamsmoke