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MEET THE TEAM: BIG COOK, LITTLE COOK🍽️👨🏻‍🍳 Meet DALE: A fan of all things football, you’ll catch Dale after shift with a carling (or a Cruzcampo if he’s treating himself) in hand and a pool cue in the other. WHY DOES HE WORK AT CAV: Well, why not? His love of cooking and his talent in doing so makes him a shining star in our kitchen, one we’re proud to have! MEET JACOB: Our rising star, our master pizza maker - no one can present a plate better than he can! You’ll catch our health queen Jacob with a pint of water in hand, probably at the gym (unless we can catch him for a proper pint, that is 🫡) The newest asset to our team, and one we’re certainly grateful for! WHY WORK AT THE CAV? As quoted, “everyone is absolutely sound, especially the Big Friendly Giant Dale”