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69 Broad Lane
S1 4BS

About us


Fagan's, formerly the Barrel Inn, is one of the oldest licensed premises in Sheffield; a cosy hidden gem in the city centre. It’s known for its mural by one of Sheffield’s favourite artists, Pete McKee.


At the start of 2023 Sheffield witnessed the end of an era as landlords Tom and Barbara called time after  37 years in charge. 


For anyone who’s enjoyed a proper pint of Guinness in the pub, heard one of Tom’s (many) stories across the bar or maybe helped him with a crossword clue or two over the years, their retirement, and the possibility of a city without one of the three points of the ‘Irish Triangle’, felt like a huge loss to the city.


Thankfully, a group of nine Sheffielders, which includes an Arctic Monkey, have brought this fabulous boozer back to life.


Opening hours


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Photo credit: Vox Multimedia (featured)


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