Great Escape, The

Interactive group games

Great Escape, The

St James House
Vicar Lane
S1 2EX

Best Bar None accredited


This venue is accredited as part of the city centre’s Best Bar None scheme, which is supported by the Home Office. Best Bar None recognises responsible premises who are working to improve operating standards in the evening and night-time economy, ensuring the city is a safe place for all to enjoy.


About us


Step into a world of imagination and adventure at our escape rooms in Sheffield, offering an immersive and mind-bending activity that will ignite your problem-solving prowess. Prepare to embark on a journey through captivating themes, each accompanied by its own array of mind-boggling puzzles and exhilarating challenges.


Described as “like being in a real life video game”, this exciting game challenges a group of people to escape from a room, in the allocated time slot of 45 minutes. Get ready to test your clue solving skills and common sense before time runs out.


Opening hours


Please visit our website to find out about our opening hours.


Photo credit: The Great Escape